The New Women of Color Study Bible - Purple Luxleather Softouch Edition

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Product Overview

The new Women of Color Study Bible is packed to the brim with features to help strengthen your alone time with God. Beautifully designed in purple luxleather that is soft to the touch. Presenting original photography to introduce each book of the Bible with a quick detailed summary of the grand scheme of the text. Grow in faith and confidence as you learn the purpose God has for you that includes and honors your Blackness! 


Features Include:

*"Insights" that pulls the knowledge out of the word of God and highlights them for you that span various issues you may face from modern day life

*"Life Lessons" can be found throughout the Women of Color Study Bible to focus your attention to the principles found within the stories

*"From God" prayers show you the Lord’s perspective of you in prayer which can help to grow your self-worth and love for the Lord 

*"To God"prayers seek to give you the words to say when praying your heart out poses itself a challenge

*"Black Presence" shows the cultural influence Africans have had on the scriptures

*Beautiful original photography that introduces each book of the Women of Color Study Bible and gives you a brief summary of the context of the book

*Quotes from powerful and influential African American women can be found throughout the Bible

*"Read the Bible in a Year" can be found at the back, and offers instructions on how to accomplish finishing the entire Bible in 365 days

*Presented in the King James Version

*Large Print helps to read the text without straining your eyes

*Classic "Family Tree" and "Presented To" page can be found in the front of your Women of Color Study Bible

*Words of Jesus in red

*Protected by a slip case


(No reviews yet) Write a Review