Promises from God FaithBuilders™ Set

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The God's Promises For You FaithBuilders™ Set is a small yet powerful collection of 20 cards that can fit right in your pocket but hold enough truth to comfort the whole world. You can trust that God's Words are sure and unchanging, and these cards are a tangible reminder of His love and faithfulness.


Each card in the pack is adorned with a captivating image. The flip-open card pouch features a stunning image of a snowy mountain peak while the title is set over it in large gray letters.


God's Promises For You 


The verses on these cards speak directly to God's purpose for our lives, His unfailing care for us in times of fear and discouragement, and His steadfast presence in our lives. With 5 repeats of 4 designs, you can share comfort and hope with anyone, anywhere.


Want to make someone's day? Just write a short note on the blank back, include your name, and pass it on to a friend or even a stranger. Packaged in a convenient plastic sleeve, these cards can travel with you wherever you go - in your purse, backpack, or briefcase.


Use these handy cards for comfort or inspiration whenever the opportunity presents itself - in a lunchbox, with a gift, as a bookmark, or even as a calling card! The promises on these cards are personal and powerful, and sharing them can make a difference in someone's life. So, whether you're facing a difficult season or know someone who is, the God's Promises For You FaithBuilders™ Set is here to remind you that God is faithful and His promises are true.


  • Stunning misty mountain image 
  • Gray text 
  • God's Promises for You
  • Full-color printed cards
  • 20 cards per set 
  • 5 repeats of 4 designs 
  • Packaged in a plastic sleeve 
  • Set size: 4" x 2.7" x 0.4" (102 x 69 x 10 mm)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review