Embrace The Journey Pink Petals Notebook Set

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Product Description

Journaling can offer great encouragement along the road of life. The Embrace The Journey Pink Petals Notebook Set presents a lively, modern canvas to fill with memories you would like to remember, things you would like to try, or a list of things you are grateful for.


Each of the notebooks in the set features a full-color printed cardstock cover and 64 lined pages with rose gold gilt-edging. They come packaged wrapped in a teal o-band and a self-seal bag.


The first notebook in the set features a full-color printed cardstock cover decorated with cyclamen-esqe flowers in overlapping hues of pink and blue. The interior cover is colored a vibrant rosy pink. The sentiment is presented in rose gold foiled lettering in the lower right-hand corner.


Embrace the Journey


The interior cover of the second and coordinating notebook features the same pink petals design as the first notebook, and the exterior cover is a solid rosy pink with a subtle white embossed border and sentiment.


You’ve Got This


This notebook set is the perfect size to record the events of a family trip or a summer vacation, or an online class. Each notebook in the set can be assigned to a different theme or use, and it is the perfect gift for a teacher who needs to keep it all together.


The Embrace The Journey Pink Petals Notebook Set is part of the Pink Petals Design in the Heartfelt Collection. Combine these notebooks with a pen or travel mug from this range and pop it into a matching gift bag for a much-loved gift.


The Embrace The Journey Pink Petals Notebook Set will delight a friend starting a long-thought-about journey, but it will also be a great birthday gift for your homebody friend who likes to keep her memories stored on paper.


  • Pink and blue watercolored cyclamen-like floral design and rosy pink covers 
  • Embrace the journey sentiment 
  • You've got this sentiment 
  • Pink Petals Design
  • Heartfelt Collection
  • 2-piece notebook set 
  • Softcover 
  • Heavy-duty cardstock covers 
  • 64 lined pages 
  • Rose gold foiled gilt-edging on page edges 
  • Wrapped in o-wrap 
  • Set size: 7.4" x 5.2" x 0.3" (188 x 133 x 8mm) 
  • Individual notebook size: 7.4" x 5.2" x 0.14" (188 x 133 x 3.4mm)

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