Today I'm Grateful For Orange Poppy Gratitude Jar Refill Card Pack

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Product Description

Make sure everyone in your family or your classroom can share how God is working in their lives by giving each person a Today I'm Grateful For Peach Poppy Ceramic Gratitude Jar Refill Card Pack and continue training your family in the habit of gratitude.


Each card in the pack is decorated with the same peach-colored poppy border set against one of two backgrounds —soft peach or white. The card pack cycles through 12 Scripture verses, and the back of each card is white and features a prompt, watermarked poppy border, and several lines to use to capture your thoughts.


Today I am grateful for...


The cards in the card pack are glued together and tear off easily. Pick up a pack of refill cards once you have used up the cards that came with the original jar, order several sets for future use or distribute them among family members or contributors.


The Today I'm Grateful For Peach Poppy Ceramic Gratitude Jar Refill Card Pack is a great way to make sure every student or family member practices the habit of gratitude.


  • 365 full-color gratitude cards 
  • It matches the Today I'm Grateful For Peach Poppy Ceramic Gratitude Jar 
  • Peachy poppy design 
  • 30.4 repeats of 12 designs 
  • Tear-off cards 
  • Lined side for writing 
  • Card size: 3" x 2" (76 x 51mm) 
  • Pack size: 1.4" x 3" x 2" (35 x 76 x 51)

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